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The Parable of The Householder Made Simple

(Matthew 13:52)

Scribes were people in the Old Testament who write down the laws and preserve them. They interpreted the laws for the people to follow. They are quite like the Pharisees of the New Testament who taught the law and keep them up to date.
Jesus said here, then He said to them, “Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old.” Matthew 13:52

Essentially, a scribe brings new truth into the word to make things relevant and applicable for the current day. They bring modern-day applications to something that is old. But, if they bring something new that isn't based on the law or some sort of new truth that can't be found on what was already written, it won't last long. It will be just heresy; it won't sustain. But if it's based on something Jesus taught, then the new application and insight will bring life. So, the proper teacher of the word, the real Christian today should be able to know the Word of God and apply it according to what's currently going on.
We have advanced 2000 years. In the last hundred years, people’s teeth didn't rot nor had infections. But today, we have sugar added to our diet and our teeth rot. We've got all sorts of pain killers now; decades ago, they didn't have it. Things change, people change.
However, some essential elements, like selfishness, don't change in people. Jeremiah 17:9 says, "The heart of man is deceitfully wicked.” But see, we don't have to continue with the old heart of man. Jesus can give us a new heart. Life has changed; the way we do things has changed. You and I, as Christians, are to bring modern applications to something that was taught in the Bible by the prophets, the apostles and Jesus Himself. The people of today need to understand and apply it in order to get some sustenance for their day to day life.

I guess that's why I'm teaching this series on the parables. For over ten years, I've searched the bookshops for a good book that explained the parables of Jesus. Once, I saw one with pretty pictures and descriptions of the parables but it just had the most popular ones. I have never seen a book with all the parables in it. For years, I've been studying the words of Jesus, trying to get to the bottom of the parables and developing my relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In the same way, I was moving closer in obedience, walking with them, trying to understand the profound nature of the parables. I have been trying to dig deep and get the heart of what Jesus was saying.
But for years, that book I was looking for was elusive. So I thought, maybe the reason I couldn’t find it was for me to find all the answers and write the book myself.
All parables do work. Here, Jesus said He is like a householder who brings out his treasure, things old and new.
There are certain things which are old but have modern mix into them. An example would be a 16th century ring with a modern stone on it. You can imagine this old craftsmanship as something fabulous and admirable – a modern stone on an old gold ring.
Antique stuff and brand new silverware can complement each other when the mixture is done with taste. A householder would bring out the best of what he has. A good host will bring out to his guests a splendid blend of things that are antique and those that are new.

So too is the modern disciple and the teacher of the Word of God. He should be able to bring out the Old Testament and make it applicable to the present age.
Like the householder in this parable, I can bring new and fresh meaning to Old Testament teachings. Fresh revelations of what that old thing means; modern teachings that are fit for the Facebook age.
We live in a world that is always on the move. If we did not change or if the world did not constantly need new things, we would be happy with old things all the time. But technology changes and we all want the new thing, the new phone, the new Mp3 player, the newest podcast.

Jesus is the same. He likes His truth to be relevant and contemporary, which is what this parable is about. There is wisdom in keeping some of the old truths amidst your teaching when they can be understood, but there is a great use for modern understanding. Jesus is always up to date. He is relevant. If He were here on earth today, He would be using parables that were talking about things we know and do today. He would have a parable talking about Facebook and YouTube. He would bring a message that we would all be interested in and be happy to listen to.

Jesus said that a good scribe is able to do this; just like a proud mother or wife present a meal with the best of her plates and dishes. She may serve a meal on antique plates that were her given by her great grandmother, but when she serves the food, you can be sure it won’t be a hundred years old.

Some people might think this book of parables explained is rich and profound. I tried to explain as simply and as best as I can. I did what a modern householder would do. I am using what Jesus said - modern day stories and applications.

Many people frown on the translation of “the Message” Bible, saying that it is not a literal translation. But if more people understand it than the literal translation, then it is doing a lot of good. And you don’t have to lack brains to read “the Message”. I hear many smart preachers quoting from its pages. God uses modern books that are easy to understand too.

I pray that this has helped you.

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