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The Parable of The Ten Virgins Made Simple

Matthew 25:1-13

If you’re following the series of parables I’m doing, you would probably be happy with what’s been done. If you’re not, well this is just the parable for you.

We all know the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Jesus said in Matthew 25 that ten virgins went out to wait for a groom. Five of those didn’t take any oil with them, not enough oil. And five wisely took oil with them for their lamps. The story continued on to say that because the bride groom was delayed, the virgins all went to sleep.

When the bride groom finally came, the five wise ones put on their lamps with the oil that they brought with them. And the five foolish ones begged from them but the wise ladies said, “No, go and buy some oil from the people who are selling it.” (v.9b)

Meanwhile, the bride groom picked up the five wise virgins and they went to the party. When the foolish ones went to the party later, they weren’t let in.

Now, this is a parable that was shared often but I didn’t see practical application of it. If we are to assume that the five foolish virgins are the ones that don’t get married to the groom, this would mean they’re non-Christians and they remain non-Christians throughout eternity, throughout their life on Earth. They never accepted Jesus as a Saviour and therefore didn’t go to the wedding supper or got married to the groom.

Maybe we can also assume that they are Christians; for only a person who really wants to marry Jesus Christ would be waiting for Him to be picked up. If they are indeed Christians, they are the unwise ones who miss out in some way. Now, I don’t often hear that perspective preached although I know that many people preach this parable.

Most often I think nearly all of those who preached this parable preached it in a way that didn’t seem to ring true to me. I’m the person who likes to not only hear scripture taught but I believe they should have a practical application for today.

I’m someone who believes that scripture should give us meaning, purpose and direction in our day to day lives as a Christian. And therefore, if it is possible to be a foolish Christian virgin, I wanna know what the oil represents and how do I make sure I’ve got enough oil to trim my lamp at the right time if Jesus was delayed.

Jesus may indeed choose to delay. He has talked about the Parable of the Talents where the master goes away and comes back to see what the people has done with their talents. He also talked about the sheep and the goats – people who treat others nicely and those that don’t.

All of these parables are about Jesus going away and what people are gonna do with their lives. After he shares the Parable of the Foolish Virgins, he goes on to share about the talents and how the two people entrusted with the five and the two talents have doubled them. Unfortunately, the man with the one talent didn’t do anything.

Now, Jesus has a way of bringing out a point. He tries to illustrate his point in one parable by emphasizing it in a subsequent parable. So, if we’re to assume that Jesus is doing that here, well then the guy with the one talent that didn’t use it would be akin to the goat and to the foolish virgins.

So, what have they all got in common? They’ve got something that they didn’t use. The man with the one talent didn’t invest it, the person who had opportunity to help the poor and the needy didn’t help them although he had means to do so. Jesus wouldn’t judge you for being a goat if you didn’t have means to help another person. So, could it be that the foolish virgins are people who are saved but haven’t got such a full life in the Spirit? They haven’t got such a life of giving and out-flowing because there’s not enough Holy Spirit in them to sustain their life of happiness in the waiting time.

Could it be true that the foolish virgins haven’t got enough practical Christian discipline? That they haven’t got enough outpouring of their love and practical use of their Christian life to fully experience Jesus Christ? Could it be that missing out in the wedding supper actually means missing out on the fullness of the anointing presence of Jesus Christ? Could it be that some Christians are happy and satisfied, walking around in the presence of the Lord with a full of joy just like a true bride is with her groom while other Christians are walking around depressed and sad, not living a life of joy and happiness that they were called for?

I read in a book about an atheist who said he didn’t want to become a Christian because most Christians seem to him like people who had a headache that they couldn’t get rid of. Indeed, for some the Christian experience is like a headache because they don’t live a joyful Christian life.

They don’t have the Holy Spirit bubbling up with joy, peace and security within them. It doesn’t look as though they’ve got a relationship with Jesus Christ. Could it be that the foolish virgins are people who aren’t experiencing the fullness of Jesus Christ? Someone in that situation certainly isn’t an answer to a person who’s not saved. They certainly couldn’t illuminate light as we are called to be in this world.

In this parable, even the wise virgins that seem as though they’re as wise as they could be, aren’t wise enough. The perfect Christian life is to have enough joy, security, peace and love overflowing that you can share it with a brother who’s not doing too well. It’s good to have enough Holy Spirit in you and enough joy to be able to encourage those people who don’t have a lot of joy and happiness.

A wiser virgin would have been one that had enough oil to share. And so therefore, even if you’re experiencing the joy and the fullness of the Lord in your relationship with him and you’re in love, The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats and The Parable of the Wise Virgins will encourage you to have enough oil to share with the brothers and sisters who are suffering.

Do I look like a person who had experienced a lot of sadness and depression? Truly I have been one; I’ve had mental illness and depression. But I live in the gifts, I live in Jesus Christ. I walk in the gifts that He’s enabled me to have and I’m living and practically walking out my destiny and purpose on earth. It gives me tremendous joy to do what I’m called to do. To walk in the gifts that God has given me and it supplies me enough joy to overflow into other people’s lives and encourage them.

I’m an example of a person who’s more than a wise virgin – one who’s got enough oil to share. Jesus came to this earth and overflowed it with the Holy Spirit, enough to heal people, to encourage and teach them to share with people everywhere He went. If there’s something you can get out of The Parable of the Ten Virgins, get this. You need to have enough to overflow and share with people who aren’t enjoying a wonderful life with Jesus.

God bless you.

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