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The Parable of The Christian Light Made Simple

Matthew 5:14-16

14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

I was listening to a much anointed preacher on the grace of God called Joseph Prince. He was in Israel, preaching. He was describing the place where he was and it was clear from his description that it the same place where this parable took place. The preacher Joseph Prince had a photo of where he was. He had his camera there where Jesus was when he preached. Up on the hill was a town. You could see the city lights of the town where Jesus was preaching.

So when Jesus said, “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”, he was talking about a literal town that was on a hill. The people knew that that city glowed in the night time. It cannot be hidden.

Have you ever travelled in a car that went through bush land and came out of the valley, seeing a bright light all on a hill? And have you been to a city where there’s light all over the place? That is an example of a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

What is Jesus saying in this parable? What’s the practical application of this? One of my spiritual gifts is the gift of exhortation or encouragement. Basically, I’m just a good encourager. I go about my life, walking down the street and getting to the suburb where the train station is. I pass by a real estate agent on the right-hand side first and I wave my hand to him. I come across a hairdresser and give her a smile. If she’s outside having a smoke, I’d have a short conversation with her. I walk past a Lebanese shop and I pop in and say hello to the people there. I walk past a video store and actually go into the video store to have a two to three-minute conversation with a gay person there. Then I go to the station and I talk to the news agent there, as well as to the people who serve the tickets. I’ll have a conversation with the ones that I know there. Everywhere I go, I’m saying hello to people, encouraging people and wishing them to have a good day. Nearly all of them, all of those people, know I am a Christian.

About thirty years ago, when I was fourteen years of age, I heard a story about being the light. It was regarding a Pastor who was at the checkout counter of a shopping center. The woman in front of him came to a total and started getting the cashier to deduct certain items from her shopping because she didn’t have enough money. She was really embarrassed. She was taking out washing powder and toilet rolls, essential items of her shopping. The woman had a whole basket full of things that she needed. Getting the toilet rolls out of the shopping cart means that she’d have to use newspapers or something. The things that were bought were all essentials. There were no luxuries among them. The Pastor said, “I’ll pay for her bill. Put all her things in the basket, and I’ll pay for them.”

And the woman profusely said, “No, you don’t need to do that.”

And he said, “Yes, I want to.” So he paid her whole bill. And then he further told the woman, “Go get a shopping trolley. Go and fill it up. I’ll pay for that too.”

The woman went off and she came back three times, embarrassed with a quarter of a trolley, half a trolley, three-quarters of a trolley, respectively. Three times, he sent her back to the grocery until she filled the whole trolley. Then he paid for that and he loaded all the things into the car.

This Pastor was a lovely guy with good communication skills. As he was sharing his story, the whole church was listening with anticipation. Then he said, “I know, all of you are waiting to know how I told the lady that I’m a Christian, or how she broke down in tears and became a Christian too. But no, I didn’t say anything about that to her. I didn’t tell her I was a Christian… Yet do you know on that day she met Jesus? All you need to do, guys, is go and be Jesus to the world. I believe one day, someone will be sharing the Gospel with this lady and then she’ll get a thought in their mind. The Holy Spirit will explain salvation to her, “It’s just like you were shopping and someone bought all your shopping for you and said they’ll pay for it. The salvation of Jesus is just like that. It’s a free gift. You’ve just got to accept it like that, as a gift.”

And she’ll break down in tears on that day, and say, “I had a man who did that for me.”

He impressed upon me that day that all we need to do is be Jesus. I’ve had one of these people in my daily walks to the station. He asked me to pray for him when they were in a bit of a crisis situation. Do you know that people, when they’re really desperate and searching for answers, and if you’re known to be a beautiful person, they’ll come to you for the answers?

Many people have a go at the mega churches. These churches are growing exponentially; they got heaps of people. They say they’ve got loud music. And all they’re doing is dumbing down their sermons, and putting loud music and just encouraging people. There’s no meat of the Word in the churches. But, you know what? Every time I go to one of those mega churches here in Sydney, people are getting saved. Every single service!

I’ve sat in a Baptist church for two and a half years. But no one got saved in those two and a half years. People say that they want the meat of the Word. But what about saving people? See, this Pentecostal church called Hillsong in Sydney, produces a lot of Christian worship music and they’re known throughout the whole world. They’re an example of a city set on a hill. Their light shines so brightly that people all around the world worship God from the music that they create. That’s just one church. That’s just one church in Sydney Australia. There’s a good chance you would have heard Hillsong praise and worship music and Hillsong United Band and Hillsong Church. There’s a good chance many of you’ve heard of Brian Houston, the Senior Pastor. He’s just one Pastor who had a vision and a dream to impact this generation and the whole world.

You can do great things. Part of doing great things in the world is not hiding your light. What have you got to shine? What can you shine into the world? Are you living a Christian life that is full of grief and depression and hardship? Are you living a life that you are ashamed of? Are you living a life of shame, condemnation, rejection, hurt and pain?

You need to find answers in Jesus. You need to do spiritual healing. Get healed up and be happy. You need to find your spiritual gifts and find some purpose in life. Now, one way of being happy is by being friendly to everyone you meet. Smile! Do you know it’s amazing how smiling can just cheer you up? You don’t even have to be happy. Just know enough people; walk down the road smiling and saying hello to them. By doing so, you will have enough people smiling back and waving at you. Suddenly, you’re feeling good. It’s amazing how being friendly can really lighten your mood.

Jesus says, “Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify the Father in heaven.”

So Jesus is talking about the Christian doing good works. Nearly all of the people I chat with on the way to the station ask me what I am up to. So most of them know what I’m doing. I’ll say either of these lines: Oh, I’ve just made some videos… I’m going for a walk now… I’m going into my community center; I’m going to do some work in there.

They all know about what I do. I make videos. I write articles, do all sorts of Christian things. They’re all happy with me. None of them ever say to me you need to go get a job. They know I’m busy doing ministry and doing things. They’re all happy. They’re all my friends.

My Pastor, Narelle, came to my suburb, and we got a pizza, a 23” pizza for $10. I got a discount because of my relationship with the owners of the gourmet pizza store. She reported back to everyone at church. “You should see Matthew. You should see how cheap he got the pizza. You know everyone employed there knows that fellow. You know he knows everyone in his suburb. Everyone says hello to him.” She was bragging. I was hearing it from everyone that they want to come to my place for pizza. That’s being a light in the world.

I don’t know if you’ve watched many of my parables, the parables that I’m doing on video here. But you’ll notice that I smile a lot. That’s because I’m happy. I don’t smile just to do a better presentation. My life is happy, fulfilled, Christ-centered. I feel the presence of God. I feel joy and peace radiating through my body each day. I live with purpose. I live with desire. I’m walking in my destiny. I’m fulfilled. I’m full of joy. I’ve got no need for the lusts of the flesh or the lusts of the world. I know Jesus. Jesus is my friend.

We live in a dark world folks. Just being happy and content with life is an example to all around you. Many people cannot read the Bible; or if they do, they cannot understand it. But they can read you. To many people, you are the only Bible that they come across. Be aware of that. Stand out from the crowd. Go the extra mile with people and be kind to them. Through this, you will be a light to all men and a city on a hill in times of need.

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